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Unicorn Party

Good for girls

Ages: 5-10  |  2 Hours  |  Base Price: $1000 , 1-10 kids 

For 1-5 kids more - $100 additional cost 

Part I:

The birthday girl gets the Unicorn powers and becomes a magician and surprises the guests with magic experiment. Now she can give for all of her friends' special power with unicorn headbands and they all do a rainbow experiment.
The kids will play unicorn hoops game and even will build the biggest castle in teamwork.

Part II:

Beauty stations like that you can pick from a bright colorful makeup, nail polish or hairstyle, face painting, henna tattoo, and a very beautiful craft, making a unicorn decorated cup which the kids will take home with a lot of memories.

Part III:

We’ll start with Sleeping unicorn activity that birthday girl will lay down on inflated Unicorn and mask on her eyes while her friends drawing rainbows or special drawings with neon colors on her hands or legs. When she will wake up, her friends will discover for her their creative and funny drawing with LED flashlight. We’ll keep playing with more activity games and will finish with colorful Gymnastic Dancing ribbon dance.

Upgrade your Party

Goodie bags

We make handmade party favors that are beautiful, irresistible and suitable for any event. We offer two types of goodie bags: Edible and Non-Edible.


        $100 -  up to 10 guests

     $10 for each additional guest

ֿDesert and Snacks Table

A party table display with treats is a must-have for any girl party as it can add beauty, emotion, and specialty that both the children and the adults will not stop talking about it.


Starting at $400


* The list of the food desert and snacks table:

Cupcakes or cookies, chocolate, fruits, vegetables, crackers, small sandwiches.

Photo Shoots

With a professional photographer, you’ll be able to relax, enjoy the party and never miss a single moment.

$300 up to 2 hours

S'mores Bar

This is the ‘bar of surprises’ where all guests sit, talk and laugh while indulging in the personal S'more experience of marshmallows, cookies, and chocolate.


$70 up to 10 guests

$10 for each additional guest

Fountain Chocolate Bar with Fruits

We know chocolate is always in a girls mind which is why our Fondue bar makes one of the perfect teen birthday party ideas for girls!



$70 up to 10 guests

$10 for each additional guest

Beautifly Location

In Cambria, San Jose



 $100 for one hour

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