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Party Planning Just Got Easier With These Interesting Easter Games For Kids

With Easter just around the corner, you’re probably feeling excited and overwhelmed, all at the same time; thinking about what to prepare, whom to invite, and which games to arrange. All of this - at once - can get hectic. To ease the hectic schedule, we’ve made a list of the most interesting Easter games for kids that will keep your party going.

1. Egg Commands - Prepare a list of silly commands and write each on a small piece of paper and fold it to keep it a secret. Put all these papers in different colored plastic eggs. Make sure that the number of eggs and commands is equal to the number of players. Divide the eggs and put them randomly into two baskets. Make two teams and assigns each team an egg basket. On the command “go”, the first player from each team will race to their respective basket, pick an egg, and perform the command. The judge will ask the player to return to their team once the task is completed and the next player will race to the basket and so on.

Here are some command suggestions:

a) Hop like the Easter bunny.

b) Shake your bunny tail.

c) Name three kinds of Easter candy.

d) Juggle two eggs.

e) Roll around like an egg dropped on the ground.

2. Decorate The Egg - Take two white garbage bags and cut holes for arms and legs, on the sides and on the bottom. Divide the kids into two teams and assign one bag to each team. Give them a few rolls of colored streamers and lots of Easter grass. Teams will have to choose one player to be their egg and that player will have to put on the garbage bag. The remaining kids will have to decorate their egg, stuffing it with Easter grass and wrapping it with colored streamers.

3. Jelly Bean Toss - Arrange a few Easter baskets for this game. Line them up and draw a line a few feet away from the baskets. Kids will stand behind this drawn line and try to toss as many jelly beans as they can into the empty baskets. The one who scores the most wins.

So those were the easiest, yet the most interesting Easter games for kids that you can plan this festival time. And if you feel that party planning is too much of a hassle to do alone, let us help you! Planning the perfect event is a long and tiresome journey and we are happy to make this process easier for you. Beautifly specializes in creating fabulous events that are fun and add a touch of glamour. Get in touch with us now!

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