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Look Festive This Easter with These Fun and Easy Hairstyles

As you are roasting the ham, whipping up some dessert and decorating eggs, do not forget to get some hair inspiration for this cheerful holiday. Whether you are dressed up in breezy florals or chic denim, these hairstyles are ideal for a bright springy day. They are cute and easy-to-create styles that anyone could wear.

Here are few hairstyles that might make you forego the Easter bonnet this year:

1. Dutch side braid

If you are going the casual route with your outfit, enhance the look with a romantic Dutch side braid. This braid, which looks sophisticated yet relaxed, is one of the easiest hairstyles to master. You can even add small flowers to your braid to embrace the beauty of the season.

2. Twisted half updo

Nothing screams spring more than an effortless no-fuss twisted half updo. It looks best on hair that has some texture, like waves and curls. If you are blessed with straight sleek hair, use a curling iron or straightener for some gentle curls. To achieve this hairstyle, all you need to do is take some hair from the front, twist it towards your head and secure it at the back with a bobby pin. You can further embellish the look with a bejeweled pin.

3. Milkmaid braid

A milkmaid braid requires very little work, yet it can instantly add some zest to your Easter look. Just like the twisted half updo, this style is best suited for curly and wavy hair. Start with creating two pigtail braids and loosen them up a bit to make them look tousled. Pull both braids over your head and pin them tightly so that they do not slip down. Remember to tuck the ends in.

These hairstyles will only take a few minutes to pull together, which makes them perfect for busy Easter mornings.

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