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 Party Themes

Hollywood Party

Ages: 5-12  |  1 Hour

Beauty  stations:

  • Makeup

  • Hairstyling

  • Manicure and nail polish

Fashion Show

Your party princess will lead her friends down a red carpet to the soundtrack of energetic music. 

Fashionista Spa Party

Ages 5-12  |  2 Hours

Your party princess and her friends will enjoy spa-quality pampering.


With warm water foot baths, scented soaps, enriching moisturizing creams, face masks, and massages all set to calming music, your girls will know what true luxury feels like.

Tea Party Victorian Era Style­ 

Ages 7-10  |  2 hours

In a setting that allows your party princess and her friend to enter the world full of magic, beauty, color, and fun. 


The Victorian Era Tea Party will teach the girls about style and fashion while they are pampered! By the end, the girls will all feel like queens.

Hawaiian Party

Ages 5-10  |  2 Hours

Your party princess and her friends will learn about Hawaii’s great traditions and beauty through activities, crafts, and games.

Brazilian Carnival Party

Ages 5-10  |  2 Hours

Your party princess and her friends will be introduced to the beautiful culture and traditions of Brazil. Each girl will leave having felt the extravagance and exuberance of Carnaval.

Around the world party

Ages 7-10  |  2 Hours  |  Boys too

Introducing Beautifly’s first party for girls AND boys!

Travel across the globe in two hours with this exciting new adventure. Both girls and boys will enjoy traveling to several countries and many different states to discover the beauty of other cultures, like Japan, England, America and more. The games and activities for each culture are designed to promote teamwork in a fun and engaging way that is sure to create a birthday that your child remembers for years to come.

Beauty Village Party

Ages 7-10  |  2 Hours

Welcome to the magical town of Beauty Village. It is known for its vitality, relaxation, style, and healthy citizens. Your party princess and each of her friends will take turns fulfilling the roles of the lovely ladies that make Beauty Village what the wonderful town it is.​

Karaoke Party

Ages 8-12  |  2 Hours

Help your party princess’s singing dreams come true! With the karaoke party, we turn her birthday party into an episode of The Voice. We divide the girls up into groups of singers and judges. Just like on The Voice, the judges listen to the singers without seeing them, pressing their button and turning around when they hear a voice they like. Winners will receive an inflatable karaoke-themed toy like a guitar or microphone.



Makeover Party


Ages 10-16  |  2 Hours


A party for teens who are beginning to get interested in makeup. We will come to bring the professional knowledge and to direct the girls in a proper way and adapted to their special age, because it is very important to make it clear to them that beauty begins from the inside, from maintaining and nurturing the internal body, such as eating correctly and sports, and understanding that makeup brings beauty and self-confidence. After practicing, the girls will take a group picture after hair done, makeup and with variety of accessories. 

Paris Party

Ages 7-14  |  2 Hours

Your party princess and her friends will be introduced to the beauty and elegance that is French culture and history. Each girl will leave the party having learned some of the sophistication and poise associated with what it means to be a Parisienne.

XOXO Gossip Girl Style Party

Ages 9-12  |  2 Hours

This party is designed to be hosted outdoors in a park or in a large backyard.

The party kicks off when your party princess and her friends dress up in stylish accessories provided by Beautifly. Each of the girls will take a Polaroid with the birthday girl in their own birthday photo shoot. The party progresses with fun and games that hone the girls' sassy smarts while encouraging them to work together and rely upon one another.


Face and Body Painting

Ages 3-16  |  2 Hours

For the duration of your party, we will set up a face and body painting station where each girl, starting with your party princess, will receive the face or body painting of her choice. Sparkling body tattoos available upon request.

Hairstyle and Makeup Party


Ages 7-12  |  2 Hours


For the duration of your party, we will set up a hair and makeup station where each girl, starting with your party princess, will receive a gorgeous braided hairstyle and receive a glamorous makeover

Bat Mitzvah Party

Customize your party with a variety of options and services. DJ could be included.


Spa Party for Ladies

Ages: 18-99  |  2 hours

Imagine soaking your tired feet in lovely warm water infused with aromatic crystals.
Feels divine, doesn’t it?
Hold on tight because the best is yet to come!

Beau-tea Party for ladies

Ages: 18-99  |  2 hours

Makeup Pamper Party for Ladies


Ages: 18-99  |  2 hours


Every lady should treat themselves to a pamper party now and then!

Every pamper party will include training that consists of three parts--Theoretical, Explanation and Demonstration, and Practical.




Team Building Theme Parties

Ages 21-99  |  2 - 4 Hours    

 What if I told you I knew a great way to enhance your work environment by having fun? 

Are you interested in a unique team-building experience that will leave a lasting impression? 

Would you like the result of your team building event to ….? 

  • Boost team performance 

  • Increase productivity in the office 

  • Motivate 

  • Foster innovation and creativity. 

  • Allow people to communicate and work better together 

  • Provide an opportunity for your team to better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. 

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