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Make Up Services

Pamper Yourself:

  • Makeup for women for any party or event: $200

  • Makeup for women + hair done: $300

  • Bridal makeup - $600

  • Makeup for teen or girl: $150

  • Makeup for teen or girl + hair done: $250

  • Men's Photo Shoot Makeup: $30

  • There is an option for makeup, hair styling, styling (including shopping with you) and Photo Shoot - see the package on the photo shoot page

Host the Perfect Pamper Party from Your home 


Need a reason to get a group of girls or ladies together? We can help you host an at-home pamper party filled with fun, beauty and hair styling tips, personal makeup demos and lessons on how to care for your skin and hair!

Learn About Our At-Home Makeover Services


One-on-one Professional Makeup Consultation


We will have a one-on-one professional makeup consultation meeting in your home. You will learn techniques to help you make the right makeup choice and decide which colors are right for your skin tone. You will also receive important tips on how to upgrade your makeup. The purpose of the professional makeup consultation is to enhance your appearance by matching the correct makeup to your facial structure, choosing the color that best suits your skin tone, and using a variety of makeup tools that will meet your needs and help you to apply your daily makeup. Of course, we will move together and discuss your current makeup products and learn how to take advantage of them.

We will find out which makeup products will help you look at your best, blur your weaknesses and highlight advantages and what you should stay away from.


During the professional makeup consultation, we will check which type you belong to, the cold or warm colors, and we will know which colors are most suitable and compliment you.


After we discover your personal needs, you will learn to make makeup yourself after we go through the entire makeup applying process.

The women’s makeup services can be used as an idea for original gifts for women. It can be given as a gift for Valentine's Day, birthday gift, an anniversary gift, gift for a partner, gift for a good company or original gift for mother. Either way—every girl or lady needs a good pamper party every now and then!

Timeframe: About two hours.
Price for the personal advisor: $160
** The participant will get a beautiful gift.

Professional Makeup Services

for two friends, mom, and daughter

or a group of friends


Invite your friends, mom, or daughter to the ultimate pamper party!
In the professional makeup consultation meeting, you will tell me what you already know about your skin and what you would like to learn and experience. Then you’ll get a full explanation and a makeup demo. We will go over your makeup products and what you use and we can think creatively about how to use the products that already exist in your personal makeup kit.


Together we will understand what needs, goals, and messages you want to convey through your makeup. Is it important for you to wear makeup every day or just for a special occasion whether it's a work environment, business meetings and more?

We will find out which makeup products will help you look your best, blur your weaknesses and highlight benefits.

Once we discover your needs, we will choose the makeup type together and you’ll learn to apply it on your own after we go through the entire process.


Timeframe: Three hours.
Price for the couple: $220

Price for a group of 5: $300 

* $35 for each additional guest
** Each participant will get a beautiful gift.


Ready to book your next ladies pamper party?

Get in touch—I can provide  professional makeup services for the entire group!

Makeup Pamper Party for Ladies


Every lady should treat themselves to a pamper party every now and then!

Every pamper party will include training that consists of three parts--Theoretical, Explanation and Demonstration, and Practical.


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