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Perfect for a mother and daughter treat, siblings, and friends!

The Victorian era theme creates an aroma of elegance and beauty. Come to enjoy an event of Victorian era themed hair and makeup, special treats, costumes, and accessories! We will have a photoshoot in order to capture all of the amazing moments, a bit of your beauty, some grace, and a whole lot of fun. That’s not all! The Victorian era had many elegant treats and perks. A tea party which includes quality desserts, seasonal fruits, and of course, tea is the perfect way for anyone to bond!. This truly is a dreamy event that is bound to stay in your memory forever!


Come and enjoy this stylish couples package which includes:

  • Light makeup

  • Quick hairdo

  • Elegant music

  • Special hair and accessories

  • Tea, desserts, and hand picked seasonal fruits

  • A full photoshoot with polished pictures

  • An hour long vacation from the modern world into the classy Victorian era

$150 including 2 polished pictures

each additional picture - $20

* $150 price with model release signature, otherwise please add 20%

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