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Goodie Bags

Need pre filled party bags & goodies for a special event -such as a spa birthday party or tea party? We’ve got you covered

ֿWe make handmade party bags that are beautiful, irresistible and suitable for any event.


We offer two types of pre-filled party bags: Edible and Non-Edible

Non-edible: Surprise created depending on the type of event

Edible: Large handmade cookie that comes with a butterfly and chocolate wrapped in a beautiful box **Gluten Free option available upon request



Goodie Bag Prices - Up to 10 guests:


$150- Non-edible ($ 5 extra for each additional guest)

$ 200- Edible ($ 6 Supplement for each additional guest)



Looking for Beautiful Party Favors?

Get in touch — Our Goodie Bags will help save you

time and effort planning your next special event!

Hollywood Party - Edible
Hollywood Party - Non-Edible
Fashionista Spa Party - Edible
Fashionista Spa Party - Non-Edible
Tea Party
Tea Party victorian Style - Edible
Tea Party victorian Style - Non-Edible
Hawaiian Party - Edible
Hawaiian Party - Non-Edible
Brazilian Carnival Party - Edible
Brazilian Carnival Party - Non-Edible
Around the World
Around the World Party - Edible
Around the World Party - Non-Edible
Beauty Village
Beauty Village Party - Edible
Beauty Village Party - Non-Edible
Karaoke Party - Edible
Karaoke Party - Non-Edible
Makeover Party - Edible
Makeover Party - Non-Edible
Paris Party - Edible
Paris Party - Non-Edible
XOXO Gossip Girl Style Party - Edible
XOXO Gossip Girl Style Party - Non-Edible
Face & Body Painting
Face and Body Painting - Edible
Face and Body Painting - Non-Edible
Hairstyle & Makeup
Hairstyle and Makeup Party - Edible
Hairstyle and Makeup Party - Non-Edible
Ladies Spa
Ladies Spa Party - Edible
Ladies Spa Party - Non-Edible
Beau-Tea Party - Edible
Beau-Tea Party - Non-Edible
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