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Parties & Events in Bay Area

Create a fabulous event with Beautifly  ​


 We fill your special day with style, fun, beauty, and relaxation

You invite your friends 

We'll take care of everything else!

We specialize in creating beautifully themed parties in Bay Area for all occasions. 

Contact Us to start planning your event today!


Watch how we make you happy!

  • We plan your event from start to finish and everything in between

  • Enjoy your own party with professional event planning services

  • Bring an artistic flair to your event with professional party planners

  • Craft unforgettable memories by throwing a fabulous themed party

  • Fill your kids with joy and excitement by bringing a twist to your ordinary party

Every event has a story…
Planning the perfect event is a long and tiresome journey and we are happy to make this process easier for you. Beautifly specializes in creating fabulous events that are fun and add a touch of glamour. Our team of professionals gets to know your company inside and out and handle every detail to produce a world-class event. We’ll take care of every aspect, from colors to location to staff to food. What’s the best part? You’ll get all the credit.

Our industry leading party planners believe in setting trends and making your event unique by incorporating fashion-forward elements and special surprises.

Who we are?
Founded by a fashion enthusiast who is also a professional make-up artist, Beautifly is one-stop destination for people who want to throw elegant child birthday parties. We are professional event planners in San Jose who leave no stone unturned for providing a singular and incomparable experience to the clients. From make-up to decor, our team will take care of everything for a flawless execution of your event. We are known for creating spectacular events that encompasses everything you require. From spa day birthday parties and karaoke parties to makeup parties and tea parties, we have experience in throwing all kinds of themed events.

What do we offer?
We provide the following services for events planned in Campbell, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Milpitas, East bay and Sunnyvale. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Our personalized planning and detailed proposals are one of the main reasons why people love us. We coordinate every little detail and plan out the celebration in a highly sophisticated and organized manner. By opting our services, your event will undergo a beautiful transformation. Our styles and designs are playful, detail-oriented and graceful. We work our best to create a seamless celebration that none of your guests will ever forget. 

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